No Winter Cold Can Stop Me Babe!

   -And I Heard in my hearing a cry in my ear, just as my eyes open, 07/31/2017 "Are You Readyyy, Ready For The Big Ride Babyyyy!, (It's Nicholas Cage's character, Castor Troy, The Movie face Off. Certainly this parody right now of what's truly going on between Trump and Jong Un, prophetically of America being warn on having a nuclear fate, whose Trump, like the Bride, is a Truexit and Jong Un's out break of Missiles tests, taunting relentlessly US soil, beware, be very aware.
     -And I Heard My Hearing, 07/31/2017, the song, the lyrics, sounding continuously, "no winter cold can stop me babe," (these lyrics are of the song, 'Aint's No Mountain High Enough,' to keep from getting to you, apparently it's blessed assurance, those awaiting a spring rapture, that the God who promised is faithful and trustworthy, Stand! Nothing will prevent Him, nothing!,  

No Winter's Cold Can Stop Me From Getting To You, Jesus Is Here!

     -Though I, Apostle, since the late eighties have pretended a prophetic parable regarding God lending redeemed mankind a twenty year extension of grace. One recreated an Eden paradise and by an African born male have evacuated the world refugees into a New African Utopia on earth, fashion mainly for young Genesis marriage worshipers. Safeguarded by divine reapers, disallowing any manner of sin, whose very evacuations into the African Juttah, began by Mega ships, the Aqua Juttah unknowingly this work, sixteen years in, 1996, by the Mayan Calendar 2012. That's right into a present day Juttah Septennial which is both an escape from this planet, (I Thess. 4:16-18, the rapture) and an exodus from all of western civilization right now, as in right now, (Revelation 18, crying aloud, come out of her my people!). Monster disasters like North Korea threatening and a Yellowstone Revelation, 6th seal style eruption and more all coming.
     -Still as you say here, the closet mankind have or will ever come to paradise on earth which has lead, as forewarn Christ Cross, of the stumbling block of iniquity. that would be money, power and celebrity. Just this borrowed, temporal thing into their eternal damnation, all of which ls right now ticking and dwindling down into this activation of one cataclysm after another of the American Dream, the emphasis being on, dream. Unmistakably, this vanity King Solomon called it, this reaching for the wind now readying to claim tens of millions refusing to get themselves instead into to God's Trump, who alone is Jesus. That's as to get from America's Trump, which in the beginning has mercifully been a disguised, complete lapse in time, into first a Brexit and now a Truexit, crying peace and safety when sudden destruction is come and come, and come, escape now, as in right now! Be aware, as God, Himself, Apb, the RAM, see more here,

-I know Trump said, it, America, peace and safety, I Heard It Myself, I Also Know the Apostle Paul said, when they do, cry peace and safety, sudden destruction instead is come and they will not escape! I Thess. 5:3, Apb,

     -And I Heard In My Hearing, "smiling faces don't last, wipe Canada from the map," staying in or escaping to any part of western civilization whose sins into legalizing what to God are abominations is like escaping Noah to get to Lot's Sodom, or Nimrod's (Trump's), Tower, vice versa. That's just anything, anywhere or any body to avoid Jesus' Altars, beware you guys, a cataclysmic end has come to all of it.
     All is to be reduced as I further heard of it, into itty, bitty pieces, whose fan is in the wounded hands of the one they fear and flee the most. Tens of millions not taking heed to Rev. 18, to come out, to get far southeast into exodus will instantly die and after that judgment and hell. I know how this sound, it's why the people of Noah's day couldn't hear him, couldn't phantom such a massive death to soul toll and they perished with that denial in tact beware, Apb, The RAM


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