From One Error/Era, A Brexit, A Truexit To Jesus' Millennium, Our God Is Awesome!

Certainly that's because Trump the savior is in office. Question, so all the toxins put into our atmosphere especially these 190  years of Westernized Civilization, being only one of hundreds, haven't caused global warming? Hum, curious. Apb

And I Heard A Voice In My Ear, Decide!

The Word Horrible, Plucked Out! The American Overdose, Bush Designed Vengence, This World's Fear-factor, Epidemic Of War

  -I saw this Epidemic as the end of America, what I actually saw were like already stampeding Americans yet being overcome by heart targeting grim reapers, bearing sword like syringes. The Lord showed me this to protray how ridiculous it is to remain in a country God's wine press is set to destroy and lay to rest and damnation millions
    -Equally those whose very  procastination that will all the more enrage an already furious at them God, thus Revelation question, who shall be able to stand? Even more terrifying, if Holy Spirits are crying, God is avenging martyred blood. Said outcry can mean only one thing, God hears and is right now acting upon the lamenting martyred saints John witness crying for blood vengence under God's throne.
     -It's like Yellowstone has erupted and it is going and everyone are so concern they're sleeping at their TV for breaking news.  Soon the President emerges and get ready, set and the first thing you hear is America is safe, and it's going to stay that way, so Trump is god now, RuN! Soon his nonsense words begin to fade into the news ticker just below him. That surreal one reporting insurmountable death tolls, hundreds of thousands into a million and counting and you're like wondering just what the hell is this man is talking about?
     -It can't be real, it has to be a joke, but outside while your time is showing midday, it's looks like a late Eve, dark, toxic air, people stampeding everywhere. A million and counting into the tens of millions predicted by Jesus' Apostles and Prophets are dead and dying and this man, even if he's a man is instead giving America an all clear signal.
     -Your eyes begin to fill with tears, as you stumble and crawl, bringing your family to your knees. You're so hurt about being so wrong, you beg that you be forgiven, ask God to remember you and yours are flesh, to have mercy on you and yours and get y'all out of there.
     -Now you know exactly how I feel, why my Holy Spirit heart become as melted wax, whenever an American leader, stand before the American people and give them any hope for a future, that is so prophecally, not so. So for those who adamantly refuse to get out of the way, sighting escape is just a waste.
     Well, God not only view this refusal as fear apart from faithfulness. He views it as a form of Idolatry of you not wanting to let abominable America go even if to save your own soul. Apostle tell you though right now Holy Spirits are driving Christains to Americans Southeast this divine escape or exodus. Judging by God's past acts of avenging corruption sown this window, to all of it's doors will close, and this final act of divine
intervention to get you out will be forfeited by many now suffering unimaginably and dying, Awake, repent, escape, in this order, Apb, The RAM, see here,


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