And I Heard In My Hearing Kill All Parents By, Finish All Schools

     -"What's so strange Vincente man, America like all nations is just another time table borrowed temporily from Daniel's timeline into the appointed man in linen despensation of grace whose time has run out, thus Maaseiah reoccurring dunlap street, dreams, as in time done lapse. I mean you guys didn't think it was permenanate, right, right? Because nothng here is, not since Eden's fall and when the heathen like present day America, rage so furiously against this Righteous eviction, despite how cataclysmic it need be, and mercifully He's yet steering them clear of it all, but they refuse. They're fighting against the God who in the beginning loan it these six thousands years into harvesting one Redeemed Adam lineage. Amazingly, when the woman seed lamented it is finished and walked out of the tomb of this divine reconcilation, three days later. Brillinatly, Holy Scripture reminds us he, Jesus did this once, and is now sat down on the right hand of the father until his enemies are like now made his footstool. Yeah, Kadesh man, "ask me, and I'll give you the heathen for thine inheritance," cried the Holy Father to the Holy Son, stunning Braveheart, I know, I know, I so love quoting that. So there's nothing more to be done except the sounding of the seventh trumpet Angel, that Maaseiah's testament of an Angel Gabriel did most of all mention, reminding us of a depletion, right into the end of all nation building that is come. Don't forget, this is a call to evacuate man's form of civilization whose relentless achievement has caused billions their lives, whose tug of nuclear war right now into a blasted wilderness and heaven maker, Armageddon will cause the lives and souls of billions more, especially that cursed upon strong delusion that's all the more the Antichrist reign. So many complaining about Maaseiah driving Christians and all that will follow Souteast not realizing this is a call to escape that has gone out from Elohim God since He loan the Apostle John His Revelations. Prohetically, John heard it's cry, that they come out of her, this religious whore whose skirt now pulled up and over they now all know. Yeah Kadesh, I was in the reveal this morning, and Maaseiah said she view this command to escape, as the same stampede Jesus is describing. That since the times, times and a half of Amazing Grace has come upon the end time abomantions that's make all trusted oracles desolate. Then she said, remember around this time Jesus was describing an escape both into the air, and upon the earth, how it was so urgent that they get away, there were those commanded not to come  dwwn their peace getting rooftop for nothing in their houses. I have, I want you guys to consider predestination, imagine 20 plus years ago, Elohim caused a male child to be born the womb of African parents. This was on a very, now well publicised date shown to many made anxious, the very date that Holy Lords would now show Maaseiah. This is by a demonstration of both the rapture and a US exodus as the estimated date of escape. It is so that one day this African male would marry an American girl whose very mother is of Maaseiah's family. Those who're right now, these various relatives before all this happen planning an African trip by September 23 rd, 2019, this African husband birth day. Just as I said, this day September 23rd, predestined for hundreds of millions escaping, now this marriage, so that Maaseiah's loved ones, all their family and friends would make up the first of Marriage worshippers, now having a stake in one of Africa's territories, This is what the Holy Bible mean about all things being predestined, O and our new Juttah, Aqua landlord, is a native African as well, so not a coincience. Maaseiah says remember the dream of an African male, waking her from sleep this tent and bringing her for to see all the American refugees pouring onto these African Island, shorelines and you're in such the exodus rejoice and know, God is love,
what you smiling about Craft man, the things you guys know, and the way you explain it, well Maaseiah first, believe me when the sunlight of God, spoke, let my people go, they were then reminding Maaseiah all would now be revealed, like all is revelation now, no divine knowledge barred, ok, I have a question, I know, what did those thunders roar that John wasn't allowed to utter, right? How did you, you knew I would ask that, yeah, Maaseiah said there would questions about that, and the closed double doors she say, where two quarters laid? So Maaseiah know or what, if she does, and this come from her, if she does, she doesn't know that she know, but daily all is being revealed, you know! Ah that's cute, I got to go, hey pretty lady you coming, I husband Craft go wherever my, yeah, I can libaray duty, see you guys later, wait that remind me, you see Beeth since the eruption, no, he's been fairly quiet, staying at the altar, most of the Juttah have, right, right, it;s so unbelievble still, all those people just gone, you know, just gone, ah you Craft man need to watch maaseiah's reveal, they were warn, it helped me a whole lot, I mean I wouldn't be here either, so, so I'll get the wife and do that, thank Kadesh man," Why speak in parables, for they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, Beware, may God bless your exodus, Apb. The RAM.     >>>What, what got you so pissed, my brother, Cart, just got thorugh to me, crying on the phone, tryning to tell me he didn;t know, not this, he didn;t know, I him, you  knew, all of you knew, and the god you're telling that too, he know every ear that forewarn passed into, into know every eye made to see, he know every heart, that refused to accept it, you knew and that knowing was bitter to your tongue only happy to your digestion, everytime you realized you still had America, you know.  So you got back there, you mean by there that possibly dead? Sniffing as Craft's emotional break down concerning his brother Carton, as so the rest of his family refusing to get out, to get into exodus, stirred his, as they all were on edge, feelings, lets just say i haven't talked to a person who doesn't have parents, grands, loved ones, those Reed man who I like to say refuse to store what they would treasure ever in heaven, like Jesus said, you heard the death toll lately? Yeah, around, what? Aro und10 million and it haven't been twenty-hours yet, such a staggering number, yeah I saw where one scientist, like this prophet years ago put this instant death toll at twenty million, yeah, yeah, while Maaseiah, heard what you now call a death to soul at 50 million, and that while the pale judgmenyt is yet pending. So all this time Maaseiah wasn't just predicting the end of Western Civilization, but the world, well, Merit man, when you reconsider the end of the dispensation like plucked from daniel's time line, now, presently, even per Obama's appointed two weeks and seven all end, everything that ever went with that these two thousand years in over, that's you guys as promised, this end time mystery babel, and why this great call went they we come out,  that who Reynolds man come out? Everyone, everyone that would see, hear and recieve and follow, everyone. I know how stupid this is gonna sound, but any of you ever consider what's to happen to the real people behind yor favorite tv to movie characters, I mean they're threaten with this soul to death toll as well right? Not at all Reeson to belittle what you'e saying, but suddenly I got the Jesus parable about the rich man so busy building storehouses, (Banks pretty much), when sudden he awaken in hell, and wondered pretty much the same thing about his family left behind and Abraham bosom pending Jesus resurrection told him if they didn't listen to the outreach ministers sent to them then they too like him would perish, youuu, understand. I do Ren man, I do, good, so brilliant ideal was it whose ideal was it to use these crafty mail to phone offers of free cruises and flights to persuade so many families into the Juttah reveal? Sia Juttah, Maasdeiah, the Tribe, using the student bodies residential infomation on fiile all these years, offering free tickets to come and visit an Island paradise, the Aqua Juttah, what Reeson man, ah, it's just that so many who did come, didn't stay, look you guys I had this dream, my friend and i where like at the theater this batman movie, no, condiments whatsoever, so when we readied to leave that is what we instead stumbled into like a resturant, even a dinner party about Trump, oddly, all around where these like zomified black people, just walking errilly back and forth and all around, all the while those with trump, the white people, they where eating, drinking and making merry, laughing loudly, I mean eventually we, the black were allowed to eat but only after they were finished and the I woke. Easily reese man, it's the age old story of having the black people under control, you would be immensely surprised how many americans before this yellowstone eruption and now millions are dead thought, putting a Trump/Pence in office, meant america was once agian, what it had never been, and that's a white country, America was what every bit of what Jesus in the beginning described of Satan, as theif, a murderer from the beginning who abide not in the truth, it being any earthbound entity nature, but only now with it visibly and horribly being over does it make sense. Tiffany, what are you eating? Icecream and it is delicious, ah, can I as well ask a question that's been tearing at me, are you Reeson married? I just wondered, I know most of these guys, and girls here are, but, are you, ah, married, and if not do you want to be, to me that is? My Lord is Christ, a proposal to marriage, yes, Cartson, not that it any of your business, my, you just made it our, don't pay my brother any attention, he has his and a juttah heir pending. I think you like me right? I adore you, yes, but I, never, to, ah, I never considered marriage, but now that you, you wanna go somewhere and talk, yes, ah Tiffy, ah, Tiffany that, yes, talk to you guys later, huh, brave girl, I was so not expecting that, so not.

     I had to come see you my friends, who all are doing this, taking in stunning skies while Kadesh man they still can?  Look I know you all took my advice literally, but I, well we really miss you, yeah, and congratulation on your new son, thanks, thanks plenty, I know, I can't believe it, either, I just keep thinking now we know how Maaseiah has felt all these long years, and all those with alike responsibilities before her, I heard in the they have been warn reveal, that even as she warn people she had doubt herself whether nay of it was real, but knowing this and telling this to so many millions dead and now missing but wouldn't listen and now look at this, yeah soon this will all go dark, .  even more amazing beeth man, can you believe Korea is still threatening us, most the country's milllions are smothering in or choking to death on ashes, you Kadesh man said, most of the country, your brother Heus, reminded us days ago of the most burdensome dream of Maaseiah, ah yeah, the triple threat set against Us soil, Elohim is determined none of it is left and if you get dead it is because you made the choice not to get somewhere safe, which according to Maaseiah was first of all the extreme southeast. I don't know anymore Kadesh man, perhaps if I stand this balcony long enough and look into these yet beautiful skies, I'll get a glimpse of Maaseiah's gigantic diamon carved, crysyal dove, look, look, descending Beeth man right out of the skies made crystal, those two crystalized beast that she also saw, meaning we're evermore that close to marriage suppers and mansions in heaven.     >>>Have you guys thought of? How many of those battered Egyptians, whose world was ending right before them, there is but one god that is God, so they escaped with the Hebrews, there had to be some, right? I talked to my mom hours past, she said they're being evacuated into the southeast, that's she's never been so terrified her life, that she doesn't know where my brother Nile nor North is, said she can only pray they're safe, that it seem to be a lot of that, a whole lot of that, good, that's what death to trials are for to win people from fear to faith.  


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