The Parable, Miracles From Heaven, The Lesson Of The Hollow Tree, Dying To Live!

     -They're All Coming, listen here, or read here,

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     -The dream of a word puzzle lately, and the word NOW, being moved all around until it came to rest along the word Judgment, as in "Judgment Now!" With another lately about this same word NOW, only it was decorated, like the word India, the word NOW! Was now shown to have, blinking lights of caution, meaning regardless of Trump lately, crying peace and safety instead there is just this sudden, without warning come, one cataclysmic event after another, Apb,

    -Putin And Trump's Handshake, The Word Horrible Plunked Out, A Voice just last night, Screaming "Seventeen," All of Instead, is, The Call To Stampede Heard All Around The World, Escape! see entire blog here

The Parable, Miracles From Heaven, The Lesson Of The Hollow Tree, Dying To Live!

     -"That's, no, no, Bright, that's not what I'm saying, take the lesson, well first have you guys seen the movie, the parable, Miracles From Heaven? Okay the lesson behind the little girl falling into the hollow tree, dying, ascending and visiting heaven, Jesus. The moment this horror happen, after everything that's happen to this family, Elohim God placed like this screeching halt on everything. Meaning, all boards great and small, religious, political, medical, pharmaceutical, social and domestic and proved right there at that moment that He alone is God; repeat after me, "that He alone is God."

     -Jesus did identically when He took all laws, prophets, and rulers then, now, on this planet and shaped it and mold it into two great commandments of love. Meaning, if you couldn't unconditionally love God into forgiving and loving your fellow man, yes especially your enemies, then you are none of His. Now mediate on that momentarily; when husband BFA files reminded the same can be said when Jesus snatched Saul of Tarsus. Evidently, right from under the religious leaders war on the early church, giving us the greatest of Apostles,' Paul, what a great detriment to religious evil then and counting, awake, Apb, see entire blog here,



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