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         -Article...Massive ‘Sky Spectacle’ Causes Traffic Chaos | Severe Storms cause “Climate Chaos,”    Articles (Look Up, For Thy Salvation Draws Near), Apb
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     -Article... “I do not know what this is happening now. Maybe the Earth experiences the influence of something from outer space. Or something started with the Earth itself. Or simply our planet is tired of everything that we do with it. None of the scientists know. ...We can only observe, analyze and model what it can lead to. I do not know what happens to the Earth, but we all need to prepare for the worst! “ Article... (And I Heard In My Hearing, "Asteroid, destroy Wisconsin (West Constantly Sinning), kill all parents by, finish all schools, yours is a Nuclear Fate, Judgement Now!), Beware, Apb

     -So Which is it Nuclear War, Civil War, Yellow Stone, Storms Triple Katrina, Another Carrington Effect, Nibiru, A Pale Horse Judgment And Lest I Forget, The Rapture? All of which are showing heighten activity and rising right now, All are coming Us soil in one manner or another, beware, Apb

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-Seem to seeing bits, pieces and particles of red, white and blue, inundating and scorching the heavens into the universe, America, Britain and Canada commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces indeed, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, beware, Apb

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      -Seem to seeing bits, pieces and particles of red, white and blue, inundating and scorching the heavens into the universe, America, Britain and Canada commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces indeed, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, beware, Apb 

     -Seem to be dreaming about courting Keanu Reeves, (the day the earth stood still), of witnessing Michael Clark Duncan singing Armageddon in a wilderness, of, as in the days of Noe, of Lot, even Moses's Exodus, 10 plagues, of flirting with disasters, of being caught unaware, Beware, Apb, The African Juttah, Juttah Septennial, 1986-2016/17, Apb

           ...And The Smell Of Thy Garments Is Like The Smell Of Lebanon...

                                                  Scene XXIV

     -God is not trying to same America, okay, stop it! He's trying to warn and save the people, the souls that are in America, right now prognosticating the end of it. Think Hain, it's no different than weather forecasters warning people of deadly dangers approaching get out, get away, get to your shelters, cataclysms are come! You can't no more save America than you could've saved John the Baptist, Christ Lord is come, nor Judas Iscariot, into the fulfillment of Jesus' Cross. Like these examples, it's predestined and prophesied Mystery America will, well lets just say decease allowing the final week of Daniel. This is why seeming everyday we're doing this dance again and again and again yet of God's long-suffering not willing that any perish, but regardless a catastrophic end of all  things the America Dream, even Western rule is come, and who Collin Hain shall be able to stand? Please past me the butter, as I said Sole you two are here mighty early, Maaseiah says, the early Desrek, the mighty, I know, something is happen, what is it, yeah or should we Sole guess? I had one of those dreams, those dreams, Sole, really? In the beginning it look to be red, white and blue stars, all over and all around the heavens, so amazing, beautiful and stunning. When horridly Derry (Desrek Alum), I begin to realize it was bits and pieces of the American Dream and the total heavens was inundated with it's apparent destruction. Now I know what you gonna say, the two Crystal Beast I witnessed, just as the sky crystallized, cracked apart and like missiles felled to the earth crushing everything and everybody, right? That's probably Sole the fulfillment of John's, well the sixth seal, yes admittedly that unthinkable horror, but I'm also reminded of what Maaseiah been saying for years and years. Those of earth ending disasters dating all the way back prophetically to King Nebuchadnezzar's dream of seeing a stone from heaven fall and crush all nation building to smitter-rings, as so your dream. Just as well Sole coinciding with Maaseiah's dream of hearing America and Britain commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces, that Canada be wipe from the map completely. Beside's the Roman Empire the very  god father's  or parents if you will of Western Civilization and ah what tangled weight of blood guiltiness they're to now reap, now commanded all parents be killed, yet of an amazing grace crying aloud "get ye to repent altars God is avenging martyred blood." I hate to be the one stating the obvious, but we are parents, yes Hain, and like the days of Moses being washed in the blood of the Lamb of God has saved us, we who belong to Jesus, like Him, we don't die remember, we ascend. It was Derry man, this dream so astonishing as I. or we, the Bride were soaring right through it, wait, okay you left out the most extraordinary part, now Sole you're taking the great gathering of Saints. Obviously around the same time as horrid cataclysms hit America and the earth, the world over, yeah again,like Maaseiah prophesied. Ah my God Sole, to see something so wonderful and horrifying all together, yeah, you guys, you had to be like watching Christ's Cross, right? It's what Maaseiah is to say, just as she witnessed Jesus' glorious millennium descend, she saw that it was in the midst of what had been just this virtual apocalyptic end of the Genesis man, perhaps Sole, Ezekiel's field of dead bones, wow Derry man, wow. Whatever, it made her fully understand why the Christ of Resurrection come to her, to our rescue that day had wings, had healing wings. Then here lately, further she said, well ask and Desrek , Hain man hold on to your seats for this one, that doing the prophet Ezekiel witness of seeing God's Glory leave the temple. That Ezekiel testified that this Cherubim had a man's hand under his wings. That in seeing this, Ezekiel, well was he also seeing a prelude to both Christ's and the Bride's resurrection? Also Sole a removal for a time, well, it's to signify the end of the dispensation of grace, a removal, though temporary," seen as one whose to wipe the speediest of tears reaching his nose, his lip, even as wet salt on his tongue, just at the thought of a world without God, Christ or Christ Anointed, "Of, ah God's glory.  Doesn't it Derry man make you wonder what we'll going to be doing the seven years we're there? No, because Holy Spirits come into Maaseiah's kitchen Hain, showing us bible prophecy is mobile constantly, how soon we, the Royal Priesthood could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the tribulation saints. In other word's, pleading the Brazen Altar after them, as the Antichrist is given power to overcome them, so at the beginning. Seeming until great tribulations are finished ours will be a labor of interceding the fate of those Saints last to be Martyred as of Jesus' testimonials. A man's hand under his wings, again and again a young in Christ Maaseiah seeing Jesus of Resurrection with these wings and terrified over explanation, yet said wings has so much biblical meaning. Yeah, including a voice Sole she heard lately which simply lamented, "it's under his wings," again Ezekiel's vision of God's glory abandoning the temple, yes how often Sole did Jesus Throne promise to take away the churches of Asia candlestick, as in glory, except they repent. How often Soledad, your food is getting cold by the way, how often Jesus told Jerusalem, would I have gathered you together, as a hen doeth gather her brew under her wings and you would not, now is your house left unto you, desolate. A right this moment phenomenal reassurance and curse at refusal, so benefiting the church to political world right this instance, especially with a winged Jesus on a second by second countdown of calling us up and away. What, why are you laughing? Maaseiah's pawn lately, of iron men having a Noah Ark in the room they refuse to address, yeah, when I read that I was like, ah no she didn't. Yes, but let us not forget Maaseiah has seen as many exodus out of this nation, as she has seen raptures off of this planet, as if the two are one in the same, both Trumps, Ours, theirs Maaseiah's predicted are this Truexit, did you all know that? Surely Desrek man, Sole, it's the unexplainable migration of millions all across this planet, again this spirit of exodus that no one can put their finger on. The first of these nation to world-wide get-away's involved a street called Dunlap, as Sole in, time done lapse, hence the end of Obama's two weeks and seven years timetable, even right into the Maya's, again the end of Western Rule . Further meaning my brother, cousin  Hain" as one getting up as to get his plate to the sink, to begin to make ready. He and brother Soledad, cousin Collin Hain were in New York on business, well the Juttah Tribe annual conference, then back to wonderful, Juttah lives, wives and children, "You do Soledad Maurice know what all of this mean, right, Hain, especially the genius of showing Maaseiah the blessed hope of Jesus' Millennium following Obama's? That we're in the fumes of Daniel's final week  and refuse and you guys utterly refuse to acknowledge it, a refusal my brothers that's going to cause millions rebellious not Trump's, but Noah's Address, awake, repent, escape, in this order, right? Quoting Maaseiah, quoting Holy Spirits Sole, is always right, always ."  

                              ...*Honey And Milk Are Under Thy Tongue... 

                                                              Scene XXIII

     -”Well, Jesus answer is that it didn't matter whether he spoke plain or in parables, mankind are shaped in the womb this cursed blood, blind, deaf and dumb and don't even begin to live, to breath to exist with divine purpose until they're Christ Cross redeemed, by which veils are away. Yes, I will marry you,” come upon Caspian Hemingway with this ease of innocence, standing over their lunch table. Could he not believe she was doing this now, accepting his unusual invitation in front of everyone, surely a manner of sarcasm not that entertaining. “May I please be excused,” distastefully coming up, grabbing her roughly by her arm, bringing her a distance away, along a literal whisper in her ear. “Why are you, are you trying to be funny? No, I just thought, my private life Dido is just that private, why do you think I asked at such the opportune moment of us being alone? Do you still want to marry, that is the question, do you still want to take me as your wife? Juttah wife, I will take her Dido and we will escape into New Africa, the Juttah Septennial, how do you feel about that? Now I must get back, and please keep what's private, private,” as to fix himself, take a breath into a calm, even fiddle into his scurried about hair presence, “now Dido, have a nice day," said, just a he speedily got away ."Ah my Christ girl I can't believe it, you actually did that, yes and I told you why, Caspian will not treat me one way and then another when he's to impress those stiff necks. Well, was I right, about his hunting a Juttah Bride? Yes, he angrily revealed it all, okay, well do you realize you just accepted his proposal with dozens of his friends this witness? That doesn’t matter, I won't marry unless that is what I want, I will not be intimidated by him nor any other, and where did Caspian suddenly get so many friends? Well you can't say he wasn't serious huh? You do like him, I don't know Myra if it is that I like him or I'm really impressed with him. You know, that he would propose marriage to a stranger as he consider her, ah me a suitable wife into the African Juttah. Speaking of love to Juttah lives, what about your Maddox? Girl, he cringes into a literal stroke of his heart at the very mention of New Africa, what is it? I, I had this, I dreamed about my brother last night, though it was really fragmented, he had these deadly, dangerous animals for pets. Ah, a leopard, a lion and I think a dog, and though they were tamed at one point Myra I thought they were gonna eat me. There was also something about not being able to breath, even after being given a third medicine, which only seem to make conditions worse. Ah good, Maddy is here, he always knows about such thing, tell him what you told me and most of the time he know what it mean. No doubt Myra a manner of flirting with disaster, if you have carnivores for pets, right? Hey babe,” that at a peck to the lips into a seat right beside her, was Maddox Leonardo Bentson having his order all ready, joining them, the institution's more visited than usual, cafeteria. “I thought we were meeting in the library, I know but either way I knew you would find me, plus I used commy to message you, you didn't, ah get it? You have company, god I'm sorry, this is Dido, it's Aridity, Aridity Kierston, why Aridity would someone with such a stunning name simply go by Dido? Someone Maddox who never liked her name? Isn't Aridity a goddess, ah Greek? And now you know who my parents are, but I don't know, I just hated it for the longest. Speaking of the longest Dido, I've known you for the longest of those here and you never told me your name, well Myra, you don't look like him, like my fiancee you mean? Yes and those tinted with gold locks of hair, ah, are you, now you're flirting with him, not Myra so much with him, but those delicious, edible locks of his, can I feel them? No, okay, okay, so does Caspian know? Caspian, you mean Hemingway? Yeah, he asked Dido, as in Aridity to marry him, and she just accepted his proposal in front of many here, as a joke, so you not gonna marry him and steal away into the safety of the African Juttah? Please don't,” as one readying fries, dripping with ketchup, his warm, sensuous tongue, although Aridity played it off, she did find Myra's husband to be rather a goddess himself, right into his sexy voice. “That hill over there is freakish all it's own, ah speaking of freakish, Dido here had a kinda of a freakish dream, I explained how good you are with them. Yeah, sure, tell me, ah, as I said, it wasn't clear, but I think I was at my brother's house, and he had a Leopard, a Lion and as usual a dog for pets, and at one time I thought they would eat me, they come at me like they would. Well, they all Ari represent ancient demons, Satan as a roaring lion, the leopard skin coat of incorrigible sin, and Jesus praying from the cross that Eli, as in Elohim save his darling from the dog, which in this case were demons. Though these beast of the ancient as well Ari represent the rise or revisitation of these mighty beast kingdoms to fulfill Daniel to Revelation end time prophecies. Ah frequenting your brother's home is just another, advance manner of sleeping and befriending the worse, even carnivorous of mankind's enemies, showing how tremendously clueless they are. Seeing this is really, really serious, meaning your brother and those closest to him are in danger, but it's little different Ari than any household right now, not having Jesus Lord over all, and Maddox mean over all. Jesus' blood, summoning a horde of heavens angels all around is the whole armor of God. So ...when was the last you visited your brother? Ah, it's been a while, so should I call him, warn him, how, he's in the superpower of all superpowers this planet ever, born and raised, right? Such Warnings Ari have been sipping through all the cracks the church, the home, the government, education to monetary, to military centers for decades now, it is the original Noah's ark in the room that no one will admit seeing. This is not about what these people don't know, see, hear, it's about what they believe, it's like building these incredible luxury churches to houses, the greatest of innovations all around Noah instead building a gigantic ark because God has told him, don't be deceived a great deluge is coming. Which is why Jesus forewarn thousands of years ago, they won't know, won't see, hear, receive until they're taken away by cataclysmic happenings right now, I know, I know, and they call us crazy. Darling, yeah, I'm sorry I went on, and on, are you also sorry you gave Dido here, a new nick name of Ari? I didn't, ah but you did, please tell me I, ah god I'm so sorry, it's Dido right, yes, but Ari or Aridity to you, to you only, you're doing it again, I'm sorry, look at him. Thanks Maddox, you too Myra, see you guys later, got to find my Juttah Husband to be, apologize I think. Speaking of which, that Hill, that Hill Maddox is only a threat to those who think they're going to overrun the Juttah with sin and evil. Only, instantly like a seed they're spitting and pushing up dirt, ah my god, like a seed, I don't get it, but I hear you, you guys take care, you ah, you Aridity as well. Strange girl, huh? I was thinking the same, only strange fiancee, you jealous? Yes, yes Maddy I am, I'm sorry, but you're blaming me because your friend is flirting with me? We're gonna be late, I have to stop at my locker, I'm right with you, so the leopard in scripture represent, the Grecian Empire, I think, as in a likeness of Alexander the Great, and the wings represent the speed by which the Antichrist will rule over all kingdoms, nations and people in such a short space, ah I'm sorry, the wings? Remember, this man will be possessed by an ancient demon, advocated not only by Lucifer but many other demons and fallen angels. He only Myra has 42 months, he's going to be as expert as Alexander the great, as lethal, and bewitching  as Adolf Hitler, and carnivorous as the Babylonian to the Roman Empire, millions,or should I say millions more will die. So the Lion? Jesus is described as the Lion of Juttah, and Satan as a roaring, lion, but in Daniel's prophecies, Babylon is the Lion, the one King God showed the end of all kingdom to nation building by a type of Nibibu falling, crushing it all into itty, bitty pieces. Although now Mystery Babylon, a Kingdom to demon spirit though slain long ago. but by Mystery America, this oddity does it appear as though Babylon lives, that it strives, right into the Antichrist Reign. So the question here is was this lion an enemy or a friend, though if it, as portrayed of the Red Dragon of the Virgo sign, threaten to devour her, we could be looking at the fulfillment of the Revelation 12 sign, that's burning up itching ear of anticipation right now. Right into the rise of these beast, of these territorial Spirits Myra ruling these biblical areas now come up, end-time Babylon to a Revised Grecia Empire. Of such wickedness looking to destroy God's Holy People to Christ's Anointed Bride, now springing up into Resurrection skyward, as the child portrayed by this sign is being caught up into heaven, so as her Christ, so is she. Regretfully, we're still talking Satan all the more by oblivious households seeking again Myra, that by great technology making such satanic to demonic invasions easy to devour them straight into their children. Your book, Ancient History, yeah, I can't shake what she, ah, Aridity just said, about that Hill, that it is there to instantly enforce God's Righteousness, and it will not relent. Meaning Myra, it's actually made for us, the Genesis Marriage Worshipers,,” as one handing him her hand, that she's to lead them right to class, they didn't want to be tardy, it took from their grade. “Then she describes being taking to Negeb Ophel, as seeds being replanted, Jesus Myra, described to His disciples that unless a grain of wheat goes into the earth and dies, it cannot then reproduce a great harvest, so that hill for some can act as a manor of renewal, as in Maddy you want to go there? Ah, no, I'll let Jesus' blood conform me, heart, mind, soul and treasures, into God's Righteousness, that darling man is what I thought.”      >>>You still watching that? Attack after attack, Nomni, and this recent one not far from the Paris Globe and there's no telling how many Americans think these troubles are from them. Well, that Reynolds is just crazy, Maaseiah has predicted America's troubles will come in the manner of an extinction level event, that she saw come out of the earth, like a Yellowstone, that is right now Reynolds showing earthquake activity, said troubles she said that can kill millions and then massive pandemonium in the form of a pale horse judgment; Maaseiah Ren, take what's coming so serious, she has predicted an American Exodus for decades now. for decades now? Yes, you didn't know that? Anyway breakfast is served, you ever watched the series, 'The Last Ship? I've heard of it, yeah, I've only watched a few episodes, a while ago but here lately. W ell, I haven't been able to shake it, we are Reynolds on a ship, destined for the final safe-haven for mankind this planet, with a pale horse of a pandemic pending, kinda of similar right? That's not it, I started being worried about it, even before I met, while before, ah, your, ah, father, anyway breakfast, I'm right behind you, okay, don't keep me waiting, you know I love my breakfast, yeah, I'm right there. {{{“Hello, who, who is, no this is Reynolds, is this Lion, hello Lion, I been trying to reach you guys since I heard about this latest terrorist attack not that far from the Globe, is everyone alright, what about Beowulf? We're all fine, getting our last shipments out right now, so in less than twenty-four hours we'll finally we'll be in the Juttah, you? Am, sorry, I' am with Naomi, on this massive luxury ship, I thinks she referred to it as the Aqua Juttah, wow seen them, but haven't had the pleasure, yeah, where they get the money? The money Reynolds man was always there, it was getting the possessed thousands sitting on it to invest in a New Africa and all that, that surveyed and so here we are. Wow man, I can't wait to tell the others, hey how about some pics, especially the engine room, the state rooms, you know how to do it, look got to run, see you in home Juttah, yeah, love you guys, see you all there, tell Beowulf, I will, like I said Reynolds, I can hardly wait to tell them, and pictures would help. Thank you lord for that,” taking a look into the grooming mirror, though he was eighteen, he looked no older than twelve, and always had to explain, maybe perhaps a little stubble instead of being clean shaven, maybe he could let his hair grow to touch his ears. “Now that didn't take too long,” coming into a seat, a plate of what's regular for breakfast a glass, of Juice, water was already prepared. "I Omni finally reached them, the Juttah Tribe, they're only hours from being packed and in the Juttah themselves, said they'll meet us there. Wow Ren, meaning they're all okay, yes, even Beowulf, the one who lost his wife too one of the attacks, right? Yes, and she losing two friends to one earlier, the concert shooting, talk about too close for comfort, yeah, that's why I couldn't rest until I reached them, the unimaginable has already to them. Lion Wolf said they'll met us at Home Juttah, I can't tell you Omni, how so pleasing throughout my blood that sound you know, yes, I know, that does sound wonderful. So tonight you guys is the big night, you two do the Juttah vows, become husband and wife, no more sleeping and dreaming alone, thank you brother-in-law to be for that reminder. You welcome, that was delicious, and I'm off to work, you guys behave yourselves until tonight, yeah,well you be careful, thanks, you must know? Know what? Tonight is the first trial of transforming the Aqua Juttah into an underground Ark while filled with passengers, no I didn't know, I wonder how that's gonna feel? While that's just it, if you Reynolds feel it, then it couldn't have gone right, just wait until you see Marine life from down there. I tell you the heavens in all it's glory is without comparison, later you guys, huh? They could drown us all and he's happy about it, God forbid, we rest in his hands, not theirs remember. I have Laundry, you? Ah, the kitchen, well actually here, please see me for lunch, yeah, sure, wouldn't miss it, yeah well, I miss you already, see you then, yeah, then. in only a few hours I'm going to have a wife, and not just any wife, but a Juttah Bride, how again did that happen? Ah, Ah I remember, the woman seed, Jesus!     >>>Did you mean any of it, or were you just taking pleasure in mocking me? I mean I get it, you was perhaps showing me my hypocritical self, only I promise you, there's nothing hypocritical about it. I only ask you Dido because I thought you was different, ah, is that what you are Caspian, different? As one running a diagnostic test, the final for the day, this end of semester exam, to be performed live in two days in front of her entire class, but now getting home, back to the Nuptial, Prenuptial Dorms. "Yes, as different Dido as God's Temple Jesus from the apostate Temple of the Religious Leaders, destroy it and in three days, that difference. I must admit I did hear some of the things you was telling them. that you are more sincere than I imagined. I think I understand, understand? You find the things of the Supreme very sacred, especially marriage and you refuse Caspian to just trust anyone, so your asking me was a compliment, I should be honored, I know that now. So you do understand, I'm not surprised, I knew that you would, well, God bless your project," as one making ready to get out, it could be on to plan B, C even D, only Aridity was all of the alphabet and more, so Caspian Hemingway felt at a lost for now. Caspian, yes, if you ask me again, I will say yes, sweet sleep Aridity, goodnight, you too!" Why speak in parables? For they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, be aware as God, Himself, awake, repent and escape, in that order, Apb, The RAM, see entire blogs here, and here and here, 


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