Thou Hast Ravished, My Heart, Come, We Will Run After Thee

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...Article... “I do not know what this is happening now. Maybe the Earth experiences the influence of something from outer space. Or something started with the Earth itself. Or simply our planet is tired of everything that we do with it. None of the scientists know. ...We can only observe, analyze and model what it can lead to. I do not know what happens to the Earth, but we all need to prepare for the worst! “ Article... (And I Heard In My Hearing, "Asteroid, destroy Wisconsin (West Constantly Sinning), kill all parents by, finish all schools, yours is a Nuclear Fate, Judgement Now!), Beware, Apb 

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     -Seem to be dreaming about courting Keanu Reeves, (the day the earth stood still), of witnessing Michael Clark Duncan singing Armageddon in a wilderness, of, as in the days of Noe, of Lot, even Moses's Exodus, 10 plagues, of flirting with disasters, of being caught unaware, Beware, Apb, 

     The African Juttah, Juttah Septennial, 1986-2016/17, Apb

 How Fair Is Thy Love, My Sister, My Spouse!                                               

     -“Nicholas!” My god Nicolas!” Instantly back in that hospital room where her husband these many months had died away from them, this seeker of mayhem, his wife and three children so many times. "Nicholas, pleaseee," horribly right now, seeming to seize, quake and break apart frightening her accordingly, “hey. hey, breath, yeah look at me, it's me, ah god! Hastily taking a sip of water, seeing others had come to help, those backing off just now. “I just, ah, what, what happen, what did you see? My God Nicholas you terrified me, ah the sky, the heavens, ah, was all, ah Tiffany, ah May,” this celebratory planting his breathing, happy, nervous head into hers, a kiss, a taste of salty tears on hers, his. "it was ah, the sky, all inundated I guess you could say, with red, white and blue, ah stars, all over and all around, can you believe it, just this Tiffany fantastic to imagine blight, what, what is it, what? Ah Christ, ah Christ why would the heavens be speckled all through red, white, and, and blue? Ah nall Tiffany, those weren't stars were they? No,” seeing already green, glistening eyes fill all the more with tears, bothof theirs, she his, dishearteningly what Nicholas thought was a spectacular celebration was instead a well illustrated mortuary. "No I'm afraid darling it wasn't,” that out of a hard swallow along a shake of her head, a harrowing look, did Tiffany (Sia Maaseiah), know exactly what it was Nicholas saw as she'd seen it too. “I'm afraid they were bits and pieces Nicholas of what was left of not only America, but of all kingdoms and nation building, King Nebuchadnezzar for these thousands of years into the present witnessed. That, as it was a stone cut out without hands that felled, that smashed to dust particles, whose massive ruin is now inundating the heavens above as harsh evidence. Perhaps even Nicholas the funeral reef, with especially Hussein and Clinton's name on it, of course all religious politics before and since I witnessed tearing from handle bars, America's historic electoral vote right into the skies. Ah my Jesus is Christ, yes, bless God He is! ”Planting soothing hands along his yet moist cheeks, eyes, coming again this close to her, the look and so, so darling smell of him, of them both. “America, Britain commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces, remember? Yes, whereas Canada is to be wipe from the map, the beginning Nicholas and the end of Western Civilization as we've know it these varied generations. I know it's hard to phantom for all of us, but Nicolas, think, it took God six days to build the earth and on the seventh He rested this proud of it. But when it come time, by Noah's Flood He literally threaten to finished all of it, them. The Roman empire darling man ruled this planet for a thousand years, but when it come time God finished it, six alike kingdom nations prior to it; right into an incalculable number of great nations and world leaders, elite since. Still, one of the primary things a visiting this millennium Gabriel mention was a seventh angel, the seventh Angel Nicholas of what Gabriel mention by his trumpet I witnessed be past off to him, to Gabriel. Well, it summons one of the greatest celebrations in heaven, even the 24 elders are seen casting down their crowns in festive elation. Definitely the martyred saints crying under God's throne that John did see are now even as this flight get us closer and closer to Jesus reign, are by the wine press of God avenged. They're all of them in stunning jubilation with the masses, only I must forewarn, this is just before John and now Maaseiah experiences a time out, an out of the question silence in heaven. Even a stall of such celebrations, of this Sunlight, Mountain of God lamenting, like the exodus of Moses, “let my people go!” Only right this moment is the entirety of heavens host celebrating, said rebellious rule, they being angry or not, “how the kingdoms of men are now become the kingdoms of God and his Christ and they shall reign forever. Surely, for it mass lost of life, regrettably finishing America, into Western rule. Undoubtedly a type of the seven heads of Daniel, even it's offspring is one of those things Jesus explained has to happen for His Millennium to God's Kingdoms to the New Age to now reign. Do we really Nicholas want to forfeit this beyond phenomenal Kingdom Come, Age of the Ancient of days, for a temporal chaos into judgment death and hell?  As one roughly grabbing her, as to fall, as to lean even cry upon her sweet, soothing shoulders, without notice, had the entire Juttah flight heard; had they as well sat reminded they were off to heaven's era of peace on earth for a very long time. "Who Maaseiah in their Jesus mind, heart would want to do that? I contend stunning husband of mine, no one, I now believe Nicholas we were warn about an approaching year 2000, that nothing of it would be in comparison of anything gone before for hundreds of years, even thousands. That's because for seventeen years in we would've unknowingly entered into Jesus' millennium, all He has to do per his own ill-gotten to glorious Cross after seven years later, is come and claim it. That is what I witnessed Christ Lord do just as Hussein reign was spent into what is now called the Brexit tinkering on a revised EU (from Babylonia to Roman Empire territories), and onto to unthinkable, cataclysmal biblical territories of Ezekiel 38, and 39 chapters. “Yeah, well, I think stunning wife I love, I need something other than water to drink, I will order some white wine, you will have some, a little, as usual," turning a rest of his head, their weary thoughts into hers, was the Juttah Heir (Air), so quiet right now you could hear a feather drop. Those who didn't know their specialty flight included Juttah's Sia Maaseiah clearly knew it now, those who sat in awe for now of what was surely a revelational break through, This abrupt extraordinary their innocent hearts swore not to ever forget, both sweet and bitter upon their eyes, ears and digestion. "You never like the taste of it, I bet the kids are on pins and needles, and worse Nicholas for sure, they have been waiting for our participation into the Juttah these five years, so since 2012, isn't their something about that year? Yes, the Mayan Calendar, though at the time Nicholas none of us knew it, only Holy Spirits, all the more evidence I guess, there are no coincidences, so you can surely say they simply can't wait, nor our grands, don't forget them, no Tiffany, lets not huh?" 

Thou Has Ravished My Heart

Scene XXII

     -"Only there is one thing Milla we do know, if God as is written the living word, is the same today, yesterday and forever, then the abominations America, the West cannot go unpunished right, right? So laying aside yours and millions of Americans unbelief, that Maaseiah has only agreeably lost her mind, yes, thank God, we couldn't have her as a revelational watcher. As Mill a procrastinator of what other great leaders refuse, fearing persecution if she didn't have what she call a Jesus' head, heart. Please darling wife tell me, us Mill you are not one of those who will not be warned, one of those Mill refusing to receive what is so blatantly and jubilantly obvious and count it as a signal to run, to get out, as far away as possible, if even by Jesus' Sweet Blood? Everything Maaseiah has predicted to be, to happen, just these impossible Us soil events that's to end everything as we know it as quickly as one is to blink an eye. They are all, every element that's to bring such cataclysms Milla are showing heighten activity and heighten awareness until great scientist are baffled right now, baffled Milla, again baffled. Right before the present Millennial which is showing to be Christ's, which Mill believe me, Maaseiah was warn and thus warn us, how just as the year 2000 come in how records would be both set and broken at such an extent, that if you're a hundred years old you would've seen nothing like it. You damn right Milla it's scary when Heaven is actually Hell and because America is such the distraction you can't even tell until you're there and no longer is it Jesus's blood but hell alone has the power. I been intend Father to tell you Maaseiah's latest, she was in a demonstration whereas the book of life was open, I'm sorry, what son are you? Yes father, what John is describing in Revelation 20, what, I mean son, ah Spirit, what? That even Christian Cros who has heard everything thought Maaseiah Adonai ridiculous, but he himself was heartily baffled a stumble, a tight hand held of wife Camilla, of him into a seat, "Yes Father, Maaseiah said she'd been having dreams off and on about looking at this list of names, but this particular morning it was made clear. That specialty book of the Lamb of God was not only open to her, it was being made into a roll call. This one  Maaseiah father think is to explain the physically overwhelming census taking that she described, she said father, every time one of it's occupants were summoned. That aid identity would rise from these ancient scrolls, that they would float admirably above all their heads, right into heavenly places away and on to the next. My God is Christ," with tears running along his model, stun, face, had Christian Cros literally thought he'd heard everything allowed Maasieah but this, this was as priceless as the transfiguration on the mountain and beyond. "That Spirit would explain, blessed Jesus, her being so bodily embattled afterwards, we're talking son every name from Abel to the last one calling Jesus' into His Millennium. Both beautiful father and terrible, I don't understand Spirit River, terrible? Because Mother Milla, whosoever name isn't found written in the Lamb's book of life, shall be cast into the lake which burns with fire. And you Cross, you said who else saw this? Ah Mill, Apostle John, wrote about the Lamb's book of life being open, that Spirit is now quoting, and Maaseiah did witness now equally open, it's recorded in Revelation the 20th chapter, and your Maaseiah, our Milla, our Maaseiah Milla, she saw this? And father, one other miraculous thing, Maaseiah said, all doing this unspeakable celebration, the lyrics "we exalt three," sanged and paraded continuously throughout the corridor of heaven, even Abba Father's Throne. Mercy me, God is Christ, ah correct Milla, do you Mill, Spirit know how far removed from all things at present the Bride would have to be before this blessed event? It's happening, what, what's happening? The end Milla, the blessed end of all evil, like the Angel Gabriel told her, explained to Maaseiah, the end time census can only proceed God's Wine Press, His, the, the great pouring out of His Righteous Judgment whereas millions not including the Antichrist reign of humans Milla, will equally die. Such is the plague predicted thousands of years now upon all of Western Civilization and the entire rebellious world. Then, that father explains it, I looked into a dream, whereas it could only be explained as a word puzzle, where the word now was being moved all about until father it is brought to rest right after the word Judgment as in you guys, “Judgment now! So again Cross this indescribable indication we're to pack only what we can carry and escape America, the West, right? Where are you going?” Seeing wife Camilla more disturbed than she'd ever been, making hurriedly toward the stairs, the same stairs he'd carried a frighten child like, sorely helpless Maaseiah that day seeming only yesterday he said couldn't happen, as he felled in loved, at first sight, “I will again Cross inform my family about what is happening, and how they need to prepare, Milla, to remain in America is futile, they must plan an escape, a stampede of millions in panic is upon us, they must, believe me Cross, for the first time ever, I understand. Do we now father understand the Mayan having these same inconceivable forewarnings that were so urgent that like us right now, they walked away from everything? Yes son, Spirit River, I believe we do, that's understandable, even why Maaseiah's dreams are filled with her now, the little Miya girl, still, what is that look of you? Sia/Preece, Spirit River Artelon, Israeli born, the unlawful (a product of incest, yet the most stunning of young marriage worshipers, the youngest of Sia's/Juttah's Leader among them); son/brother of Christian Cros Artelon. "If father, well, the more born again Christians leave this nation, the more, ah greater it's troubles, I know son, but it can't be helped. All through bible history, from Genesis to Jesus Himself and Elohim's Revelation there's always come a time God's Anointed are lead to move. To get out Spirit, to escape, and that time son is now. Jesus said father, those who're on the roof top are not to come down, that we're to pray for those giving suck, (birth moms), and that our flight isn't in the winter, these various scenarios present even greater troubles. I heard just the other day there is a historic eclipse Father, come both 2017 and again father 2024. What could be the very year Jesus is to return to earth with the Bride, where it's prophesied the book of Zechariah, such a day will be a day of twilight, a father, eclipse of the sun. then Spirit River, it's all coming together, even scientifically, cosmologically if you will, now father I wish I'd left with my cousins, though son it's not too late, you wasn't ready, I think your Preece wife to be had a lot to do with that, yes Father, I think you're right, which remind me, I need to call her, like moma Camilla, she's trying to persuade family of these impossible to believe events.” Why speak in parables, for they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth,”     >>>“Dad,” having fallen asleep the stunning passenger Jet, the Heir (Air) Juttah, were there comforts here as one is to be treated as a royal king, queen, the African Juttah. “Yes Falcon what it is? I been hearing some weird things about that hill, Negeb Ophel, I know son,” turning his head as to get a better look at his youngest son, did father Cheyenne understand his curiosity, as that Hill was of utmost concern. "It is not to bother you Falcon, it's just that the wages of sins are instantly dealt with, no more delay, so all you have to do son is remain faithful, totally to godliness. Our ETA father is in three hours, in three hours dad we'll be in the African Juttah, good, I can't wait and from what I'm hearing, neither can you. “Can I father tell you of a dream, sure, please, in the dream I was being awaken from sleep by this African born male, who then dad brought me out of this tent. Brought me along the shore line and begin to point out this innumerable of American refugees dad, just pouring onto the banks of this African island and that was it. As so Falcon Brook they one day will, all the African Islands will be inundated with them, especially the unrepentant. It will be sort of a safe haven for them, sort of son as there are no reapers to keep them, unlike believers being kept in the African Juttah for as long as we're, they're faithful. Now why is a thirteen year old with an eternity to be spent in God's Kingdom so concern with such things? Jesus Falcon decided the infinite fate of the blood redeemed and their households the moment He cried, I know papa, “it is finished,” and Falcon Brook it is. Make no mistake son, this Heir Juttah is still us getting and finding our way to Septennial, to Jesus forever and always, for as the prophet Isaiah prophesied, the righteous will no longer suffer with the unrighteous. Thank you dad, you're welcome son, now go to your seat and have fun, games and sorts, I will, I promise, good. What is my beautiful wife reading? That lovely husband is for me to know and for you to find out, which lovely wife is why I asked, ah you did didn't you. It's a book, really a commentary all about the African Juttah, there are scene's in here Chey, just breathtaking. Just this beast of beauty so phenomena, but as far as what the Juttah is, it says basically what you just told our son, Falcon. That was some dream he had huh?" Witnessed upon as one lowering her voice into his dainty ear, soothing scent, this careful, not that any of them didn't know, but just kept to themselves, as they were. “We really are looking at the end of America aren't we? Yeah, Maaseiah even said we would watch from up there, even babe, the second heavens as it all come to ruin one day, one disaster after another. So knowing this babe, I was watching some footage the other day, of people catching on their sky cameras, a literal city in the sky. They could babe see in the skyline this rising and falling of a downtown city, right there, in the heavens and I couldn't help but wonder. Well, ask, is that the Bride's city, where she, they'll remain doing the seven years of earth's tribulations; were they seeing, even getting a glimpse of our mansion in heavens brought down to occupy the second realm of heavens territories? Ah my God Chey, only you, Maaseiah's advocate would even imagine something like that, imagined, I saw it, just as they supposedly saw it, and, well Satan and the fallen are cast down from it by then.  As so I read behind one writer who suggested it could be for this reason, the Bride's resurrection, so my theory my darling isn't all that far fetched, hum, I guess not. So these sky watchers, what they think is alien, is actually them looking upon a possible invasion of the Universe by the Brides' territorial mansions; then soon John's description of a descending New Jerusalem; ah my god Chey, and Maaseiah's resent sighting of the glorious descent of Jesus' Millennium? Undoubtedly Cheyenne Waterfall why we were encouraged to watch for signs in the heavens in the first, I couldn't have babe said it or described it better. Surely Chey, all these years of being around you and Maaseiah has it's moments, and believe me girl, that was one of them, wow, umm, you smell really good, yeah get into my shoulder, one chain of my neck and fasten to sleep my lovely husband, fasten to sleep."

Apostle's Note:

     -In the work Beast of Beauty into the Juttah Septennial, I been writing these three decades, I created the Septennial as the one event to mark the resurrection of the Bride into the throne of God, that every believer had to be in the African Juttah by this timetable. Now that we, the Bride by multitudinous manners of dreams, visions and visitations are given divine assurances are looking forward to the month of September it's 23rd to 25th day as the possible estimated time of escape, of blessed resurrection. Again to consider Col. Qaddafi’s attempt at a US of Africa, (to be realized between 2017-2014; I know the same timetable as the Rapture). 
     -Equally, right along the same time an African born male, (Hussein Obama), is now the most powerful man on the planet, given a timetable finished into the America's, the West's end, Just as a world wide migration into Europe (into what could have been Col Gaddafi New Africa, but who want to save these people beside Jesus?). is going on, on this daily bases, whereas we, the Bride is being reassured a September (Septennial), escape. It's all pretty much all I pretended in the beginning of the African Juttah, 1986, extension of God's grace into an Eden Paradise, soon deem the African Juttah. 
     -Then whose first to exodus? Those young marriage (Genesis Marriage), worshipers born 1996, sixteen years into their graduating class, making them the escaping class of 2012. All of miraculous coming to past above, is another reason Apostle don't believe in coincidences, there are to many spirits, holy and unholy working among us. Even why Jesus hath said, all knowledge and giving into knowledge, religiously, politically, educationally, socially and militarily gone before, of Satan's tempting into refusal even Him were thieves and robbers, even of devils and demons, and thus these lying murderers from the beginning,Thou Hast Ravished My Heart, why speak in parables, psalms, proverbs, poems and allegories? For they say the lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, Awake, Be aware as God, Himself, repent, escape in this order, Apb, The RAM, see entire blog here, and here and here,


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